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by justin 14. April 2009 08:53

I hate to be misleading with the title of this post but we're testing web crawler functionality and I had to put "Portland Computer Repair" in there. Anyway, I wanted to diverge a little from my usual "computing for novices" direction and just show you something that *I* think is really cool. For years I've been telling anyone who will listen that in the very near future we'll all have heads-up-displays that show us relevant information about whatever we're looking at, powered by the internet and turning everyone into (book-smart) geniuses. I was thinking of powered contact-lenses as a viewing device, or special glasses or at the far-end of believability some kind of actual brain implant, but these guys have gone ahead and done it with a personal projection system which is also a really cool idea. On top of that, they've actually made it FUNCTIONAL. You absolutely must watch this TED demo of the technology at work, as I promise you within 10 years we'll all have something like this (and hopefully it won't look completely ridiculous):


Think about it! How many times have you met someone you've met before and can't remember a thing about them? Awkward, right? Well, with something like this everyone you see will have their relevant information surrounding them, you will instantly know product reviews and price listings just by looking at an item, you'll know the quality of a restaurant's food and service while you're walking past it, you'll know if you're flight's been delayed while you're reading the morning news, etc, etc.

It's a brave new world and, for me at least, I can't freaking wait.



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