Join our program and never stress about technology again. 
$20/month gets you:

Top of the line antivirus protection
Monitoring of the health of your drive, OS updates and security status
Priority turn around on in-shop service (48-hours), and 20% off in-shop service labor
2 free remote tune-ups every year (junk and adware removal, startup optimization)


The 1201 team will install top of the line Eset antivirus, and our agent on your PC, laptop, or Mac. The agent will monitor your hard drive, antivirus and backup status and let us know if there's a potential problem, then we can help you before it becomes a crisis.

On top of all this, you also get preferential treatment if you need to bring the computer into our shop for any reason - you'll be first in line with priority 48-hour turn around.

Call or email us now to reserve your spot in the 1201 Worry Free Plan!

1201 Portland Computer Repair