All of rigs are customized to order - here are some starting examples:

The 1201 Promise

Let 1201 put together your next system and you'll be blown away. We assemble these with attention to detail, excellent cable routing, and love.

WE ABHOR CRAPWARE and pre-install absolutely zero trialware, adware, malware, or silly branded toolbars. Our computers are absolutely the "stock" Windows experience that you won't get from any OEM.

1201 custom builds are assembled by hand from high-end parts, as opposed to many big manufacturers that use only the cheapest components. We also stress test all of our systems thoroughly for 24 hours to ensure system stability.

All of our builds include Windows 10, Eset antivirus (the best in the industry), and LibreOffice for your document needs. 

New systems require up to 7 days to order parts, assemble, and fully test. 

Contact us today to get one started for you!

The builds listed are examples and can be fully customized for your specific needs.

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