Data Recovery

We are proud to offer our own data transfer and recovery services at one of the lowest prices in Portland, starting at $85 and maxing out at $255. We use some of the most versatile hardware and most powerful software tools available to get your important files back, and can recover from a wide variety of drive failure situations.

Some situations exceed what we can handle in-house - for example, if the drive's motor has failed or if the platter has sustained physical damage - but won't charge you anything for the time it took to diagnose the drive and will happily pack the drive up so that it can be stored safely if you choose to pursue other forms of data recovery in the future.

If we determine that cleanroom work would be necessary to recover your information, we've partnered with Flashback Data out of Austin, Texas - a firm that is, in our opinion, the best and most affordable in the country.  If you reach out to them on your own, our affiliate ID to mention is P16017.

Feel free to call or drop by if you have any questions that we haven't answered here!