Founded by Justin Coope

Sr. Tech Support advisor at Gateway, Micron, Microsoft and McAfee - over 15 years experience in the IT field.

Our staff, managed and trained by lead technician Ed Hallman, has a combined 50+ years spent making sad PCs, Macs, musical instruments, vintage stereo equipment, video game systems, random electronics, and human beings happy again.

Back in 1999 Justin founded his first company, a web-design outfit, with four other insomniacs. They never got much done before midnight, so they called themselves "12:01 Productions". They eventually went separate ways and ended up in corporate IT gigs.

One cold January night in 2005, Justin just couldn't seem to fall asleep. A day of monotony punctuated by snore-fest meetings and soulless pie-charts lay in wait for tomorrow, and the forseeable future of tomorrows for many years to come. When he turned over and saw that it was 12:01am it struck him as just the sign he had been waiting for.  With excitement and just a little trepidation Justin decided to quit his cozy corporate job and start 1201 Computer Repair, with the dream of solving problems for real humans instead of lining the bank accounts of giant faceless entities.

He's been sleeping much better ever since.

That dream has become reality, with over 10,000 awesome clients served over the past few years and with many more to come, and with a team who believes in customer satisfaction as the driving principle for a successful business.

If you think we're kidding, check out our reviews on Yelp.