Our base labor charge is $95-135 for a single service. Parts are additional.

We take a $45 deposit when you drop your system off that will be deducted from your final charge.

We work on all Windows 7 era and newer PCs and laptops, and all late-2008 and newer Macintosh systems.

We do not fix phones, tablets, or printers (sorry!). 

Our turn-around times are usually 3-5 days for software fixes, and 3-7 for hardware.
We are a first come, first serve shop.

We charge an additional $25 fee for soldering, fabrication, and liquid spill cleanouts.
We also charge an additional $50 fee for custom desktop builds and rebuilds.

Some common services:

virus removal & Tune-up

Includes automated removal with five different malware scanners, manual removal by our qualified technicians, junk and temp file removal / system tune-up, and anti-virus installation.

LCD screen replacement
$135 + Parts

Computers travel with us everywhere nowadays, and accidents are bound to happen.  Come on by if your laptop's screen is broken and have it looking as good as new again for $135 plus our parts cost!

liquid spill clean-up

Laptops are like magnets for drinks. We'll disassemble your machine, clean all of the individual internal components, and do our best to breathe new life into your otherwise dead computer. If we're successful you're looking at $160 plus parts.

Failed hard drive replacement
$135 + $75 PARTs

Hard drives fail all the time - it's the most common problem we see. We'll replace your bad drive with a new physical drive or solid state drive (your choice), clone the drive if possible or reinstall the operating system. Simple data recovery is included with most services, but if it requires deep-scan data recovery we may need to consider it a second service. Software tune-up & virus removal included!

$95 - $285

We offer the least expensive data recovery around. If we can get your data back you're looking at $95 to start with a maximum cap of $285. You get to see what we've recovered before you decide to pay for it. 

Other common services

New computer set up and data transfer

Broken DC jack repair and soldering

Hinge replacement / structural damage

Custom desktop builds for gamers, offices, multimedia professionals, and casual users

Operating system fresh installs, upgrades, and repairs

Memory, CPU, and GPU upgrades

Remote follow-up troubleshooting

Desktop motherboard replacement

... and much much more

Contact us for a custom quote!